- january 21, 2012

wow it has been a long time since i have updated this, i guess i should probably pay the webmaster more ... haha ... anyways ... happy 2012 ... lots of new stuff added, a few screen prints, the completion of the exquisite corpse project, a couple stencils and my first print of this new year

-  may 22,2011

a handful of new items were added to the site. there is some sadness, wonder, thought, despair and beautyas well as the continuation of the exquisite corpse project (march, april and may)


- february 27, 2011

a new year and walls, barns (1 and 2), cards (jan and feb) and screams. not a bad start.


- december 11, 2010

for the christmas season a triple dog dare added to the print section

- november 20, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

i did that all by myself!

-november 20, 2010

3 new prints added to the site

-october 16, 2010

going to be pulling an new print later today.  the image is based on a picture i took in prague 7 years ago.

i am also having a print giveaway on the shy of normal facebook page.  just comment under the post and i will select a winner randomly sometime tomorrow afternoon (oct 17)

-october 9, 2010

just finished fly swat[ter]. [splat]

-september 26, 2010

STORE!!!!!! ---> http://shyofnormal.etsy.com

i am still going to test out an integrated store within the site, that should also be operational today (hopefully, maybe, perhaps)

-september 25, 2010

there will be some semblance of a store started this weekend (maybe 2 separate ones, one on this site and one on etsy). we shall see how it goes.

-september 24, 2010

you wouldnt believe how difficult it is to find a good (usable) picture of old diving gear.  i want to do old school diving suit meets kiddie pool, but it is proving difficult to find an image that i can actually use.  the thumb below is about as good as i have found, im not really loving it, and probably wont end up printing this unless i can find a better image.

click on thumb for a larger image


-september 19, 2010

a weekend of printing, stenciling and being social (strange i know). the fruits of this work has been added to the stencil and screen printing sections. im still looking for a permanent title for the power washing print, anyone have any suggestions?

- september 11, 2010

after a marathon of web design (more hours than i even care to think about). i think most the work i set out to do has been accomplished (sans the store).  i was thinking that if i finished early enough, i would try to pump out a print, since its much much less frustrating to do than work on the site. we'll see if i actually have that motivation tomorrow.

- september 10, 2010

spring cleaning is in progress here at shy of normal, i apologize for any faulty links and all other visually undesirable items that you may encounter over the next few day.  i hope to have the site completely updated by monday, that is, if everything goes as planned. thanks for your patience.